DJ's scratching page :)

DJ's scratching page :)

Which tragety weights?

PoliticsPosted by DJ Tue, January 06, 2009 12:16:45

John Travolta's teenage son died in his arms, what a tragety! CNN devoted hours of Larry King and other programs to report on this and appeals people for calls to spread the tragety feeling. I understand John is a great Hollyhood star, well, in my opinion, is somebody who dedicated many years making violence movies. He is probably super rich and owns many maids. So in other words, he is important, his son's death matters. But...what about those hundreds of children who were already killed in Palestaine and many hundreds more who are waiting home for the up-coming shooting and bombing? People! Wake up! Are people aware of the fact that at this very moment there are thousands of tanks and guns pointing at those children who may not have a relatively significant parent or fortune, but who are equals as human being? Yeah...right, use sad and emotional music now, you might win more tears over. Seems they care about the dealing of a super star's son's ashes more than people who are still alive and could be saved if certain efforts could be made.

This is a tragety world.

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