DJ's scratching page :)

DJ's scratching page :)

When the tea pot is full

PeoplePosted by DJ Thu, October 08, 2009 20:45:00
When the teapot is full, it can only pour out, can't work the other way around. I know this is a stupid comment. But I just had this picture when I thought about these few days.

I am extremely exhausted, mentally. Somebody, let's call him "S", S had a lot of things going on in his life, a lot of constant changes, so I was being a good listener to him so he could let out all the stress. But you know, if you have a close friend and one is talking all the time, the other never get the chance to talk, or, even he talks, he never get any positive feedbacks, then this friendship is not healthy at all.

I hope now you start getting a hint about where I am going. S is the teapot, he is too full and he has to pour out the old moldy tea that he has inside. And S negleted the fact that you can't pour the moldy water into your companion's tummy because he or she might has something too.

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First Kanji class in this term

PeoplePosted by DJ Thu, September 03, 2009 07:44:44

Ok, pressure is up! I always assumed that I am among the best in Kanji class, for I am Chinese, of course I know better about Kanji compared to other Swedish classmates. Fo god' sake, the Japanese stole all our Chinese characters (han zi) and called it "kanji". Well, it is no longer like this in this term.

Yesterday I was put in a group with another 3 students while we were asked to do pair work in breakouts. And I am totally blew away by how well they spoke in Japanese. I mean, that is absolutely no beginner level! When it was my turn to explain how I study Kanji, Niu Niu started shouting like crazy, so I got really nervous, mumbling things that I didn't even know. I think I actually said "漢字はちょっと簡単だので、練習しない。" Yes, I agree with you, it is very arrogant to say. Gosh gosh, they must hate me already.

Anyway, I am not a sissy, I won't cry for the mistake that was already made. What I need to do now is to step up, prepare well, study harder and improve myself, and catch up!! 頑張って!! 

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Another sleepless night

PeoplePosted by DJ Sun, August 30, 2009 13:17:20

I was woken up at around 4 am by some loud rap music from downstairs. Oh yes! The second party from my neighour in the same week. I can't even start describing how pissed off I am.

So there I was, lying in bed, listening to these drunkers shouting, rapping, with the music that is loud enough to shake off my walls and windows, and I swore to God I was trying my best to convince myself every second that they are gonna stop soon, they are gonna stop soon. I heard people from the same building shouting out from their windows. And these drunkers raised volumn to even louder. Gosh Gosh, what a bunch of swines!

I waited until 7 am and they still didn't stop. Overwhelmed with anger I ran downstairs and knocked at their doors. No answer. I knocked again, still no answer. I did it the third time and then went back upstairs. Good thing is they at least responded to it. I heard the music went down a bit. Well, but it didn't take long before they got high again. So, without consulting Thomas, I wrote a letter and ran down and stuffed into their door.

The letter is as below:


I live in this building and I have been tolerating your noises for months. I would like to only ask you a simple question: Are you somebody with any sort of conscience or just a bunch of scums???!!!

Have you ever thought about that people who live in this building actually have a life: a job to get up for, a baby to take care of...? Well, obviously you don't fucking care! (Excuse me for my language, this is from my months and months anger)

The last thing, I just wanna let you know that if this continues (loud music that ppl can hear from miles away, drunking shouting in the middle of night, etc), I will be joining those who have already shouted at you/called the landlord/called the name it!

Thank you for your time!

From: An angry mother after another sleepless night (Yeah, you are very proud of such outcome as well, I know)

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What happens when you got an irritating neighbour?

PeoplePosted by DJ Thu, August 27, 2009 15:05:38

"Shut up!" Yes, no joking, I did that, yelled at those drunk Swedish youngsters who were playing loud rap music under my window in the mid of night. This is not the only time I found myself overwhelmed with anger because of my neighbour's party. It is pretty amazing how often that guy holds parties, or rather, plays loud rap music at illegal hours. Not only that, many times I was woken up by him shouting with some drunk girls at around 2 or 3 in the morning. I mean, for fuck sake, don't you know that people are sleeping at such hours?

Last time when I was mad at some young Swedish girls shouting in the lobby I slamed my door at them, in reaction, they threw snowballs at my window two times, which really scared the shit out of Thomas. I know that he is concerned of my safty. But I am the kind of person who cannot hold angers, therefore I often forget overseeing the outcome of such incidents.

So last night I yelled. When I looked out of the window, there was a guy acrossed the street to go to the other side to get a better view of whom did the yelling. When he walked back towards our building again I gave him a middle finger while standing by the window. I hope he saw me.

What I am saying is, it is frustrating to see how irresponsibly the Swedish young people behave. Once when I travelled on subway, a 7-year old little girl who sat by me said that I looked like 200 years old. I can tell you, right now I am really freaked out that my little girl someday will behave like that too. Then my heart will really be a sinking ship. I guess the only way to save the disaster is to go back to China as soon as possible and train her with real disciplines.

But for now, I will just work on getting rid of the rage. Ganbatte!

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Mind your own business.

PeoplePosted by DJ Wed, August 19, 2009 18:54:28

Have you ever wondered why Facebook and Fliter(whatever the name it is) became so sucessful? It is like a disease spreading all over the world, like Black Death. I remember the other day hearing a loud American (they are all loud actually) cheerfuly talking to his company, "Probably I will go home and facebook it". People check facebook at home, at work, on the phone, the first thing to do in the morning and last thing to do before go to bed. Why? Because we are so damn interested in other people's business.

This is the nature of human being and the founder of these websites soundly captured it. I, too, is a user of Facebook, but I tried hard to keep my things to myself. Tuotuo, is even better. He never publish any exact information of himself, or upload any image information for public view at all. I only use facebook to express my personalities and preferences, as well as the culture where I came from. In real life, I just hate those people who pose their noses into other people's business.

Today, there is this great example of Tuotuo's workmates, suggesting to Tuotuo that I should learn Swedish. Well, of course when they geniously gave their advice, they are looking at their own interest. From this point, I think I should tell them to shut the f%&# up. I was actually studying even one week before I gave birth, just that I am studying something that is to my own interest and use, not to theirs. Maybe you will say that I am over-reacting, these people are talking out of good intentions. Trust me, they are not. Let me explain. Tuotuo is obliged to a business trip for 4 days. And he felt worried about leaving me and a 2-month old baby behind since the baby is very demanding these days, and I don't speak any Swedish, or have any friends who could offer help. It is quite natural that he wants to bring me with him just in case someting happen to me or the baby he could be arround. Well, these souless people just couldn't understand the basic love between family members and had to f%¤# with us by saying that I will affect Tuotuo's work.

First of all, I indeed affect Tuotuo's work, I took great care of him so he could work his ass off for that company. He answer phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the other one who is paid more money to do his job parting all the time and never fill up his responsibilities. The question is: Are these people blind? Or merely STUPID?

Not the best day.

Well, as I always tell myself: Don't use other people's faults to pulish yourself! .... But I really wish I had a chance to go to these people and confront them, let's see what could these cowards have to say straight to my face.

Yes, B%t#&, Tuotuo works for you, not me! So I will tell whatever I think.

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To lose someone.

PeoplePosted by DJ Tue, February 10, 2009 22:17:26

I recently lost some one I know. It's very hard to explain to western friends who that person is. Because if I simply say it's sombody lives in my building, they won't understand why should I get upset about it.

There is a huge difference between neigbours in the west and in Asia. Let's see, I have been in Sweden for almost a year now, I don't know anybody in my building, I haven't even seen anybody moving around, except knowing that I might have a girl living upstairs or next door since I occasionaly hear her love making voice I don't really know anything else. But in China, neighbours are very close to each other.

I lived in a small town, so your neighbours are not only somebody who live next door, but also might be your friends, relatives, or co-workers.

This guy who past away was a co-worker of my dad, his wife is sort of related to my mom, and I had been to school with his son before. We lived in the same building for almost 15 years. I always had high opinions in him. I remember when I was younger, whenever he ran into me he would always joke with me. He had a loud and happy laughter that cheers everbody up, but I was always scared when he was about to pat my head. Because he had very heavy thick hands, so it might look like he is gently patting my head, but actually it hurts like hell.

Anyhow, this shushu(uncle) is about my dad's age, but he got three different kinds of diseases, therefore after half a year's nursing, the hospital finally gave up trying. The night before Lantern's Festival, the doctor asked my dad's other co-workers to transport him home.

When I heard about the doctor's decision I was outraged. Tuotuo said that in Sweden if you do that you will be put in jail. I agree with him heartily. Come on, how could you let a dying person suffer more travels?! And as long as he is still alive, then should never give up trying!

In my dad's town, when some one is suffering from serious diseases, then it's not only his own family's business, but the whole company or organization will get involved. Both this shushu and my dad work at a public school, so normally the school will organize people help you out while you are sick. In this sense, I would say it's nicer than Sweden. It's probably too early and harsh for me to drop an opinion, but people here are quite cold to each other, this is something I will never adjust to. In a way I might have already slightly changed into a more ignorant person, well, being casted out from work and socialization is not as easy as you think, I was no longer as naive as before. And some failed trusting experiences have taught me a lesson not getting close to people too easily. Sounds horrible, isn't it? It's sad to lose some nice qualities of being naive and young. But everybody gotta grow up someday.

I just hope that this shushu's family won't suffer too much from this loss and will eventually recover from it. Also I would like to wish a healthy and happy year for both of my parents.

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Do you have a "Nancy"?

PeoplePosted by DJ Mon, February 02, 2009 20:57:40

Nancy is the name of my best friend, she was actually more than just best friend. But we were definitely not friendly to each other the first time we met.

It all tracks back to the winter in 2002. I was a freshman in college, and had a special place in the Foreign Language Department: being the only person from the province Hubei. Don't laugh, I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but all my life I always like to feel unique and special, no matter under what sort of conditions. It only lasted for about one month though. One night I got a visitor, my bed and table were right next to the door, so when she knocked and peeked into the room I was the first one there to address her. Well, you can say that I was pretty messed up at that moment, I think I was playing with my feet, and both of my soldier crews were on the table. So there she went, in a terrible Madarine mixed with heavy Hubei accent, asking, "Is Li Rui here?" I coldly nodded. And she told that she has switched department to mine and she was also from Hubei. It was like a moment for a 3-year-old boy witnessing the candy going away right from his mouth. I was sad, beaten, and I treated her badly that night. The year after that, I tried my best to avoid going out with her or meeting her. You know, most of the times people from similar areas who go to the same university will hang out together and they even have their own organizations sometimes. But I don't.

Thank goodness she was just in the same department, we didn't take same classes. Otherwise I wouldn't know what to do. The dramatic change came during our sophomore year. Nancy moved into my dorm and we became roomies. And I seriously don't know how or when did we start to become very close to each other. It is probably because that we have very similar tastes in books and movies or so, and we always got excited in same topics too. Well, one different thing is, Nancy is such a deligent and restless hardworker. She got up before 5 am no matter what kind of crappy weather. I remember the winter mornings in Xining are almost minus 20, even that she will still get up early and carry her backpack filled with books and go out somewhere to read. I was always among the top 3 or 5 at that time, but Nancy, gosh, she was always number one in her class. Therefore, living under the same roof with her gave me tremendous amount of pressure. I told myself I need to get up early too if I want to keep the same pace. Usually I am a very deep sleeper and lazy too, I often got up right before the morning classes start, that was around 8. So you see, I miss out 3 hours working time just in the morning. Then I made a deal with Nancy, she promised to wake me up every morning by the time she got ready. And she kept her promises. Every morning she will come and drag me out. First few times were easy, I was still very clear that I wanted it. But after a while, the cold and greed of more sleep kept me longer and longer in bed. Nancy then came up with all sorts of technics that help me awake, such as spraying ice cold water on my face, or shout at my ears, etc. Gosh, she was amazing! I always adored her full of energy.

Overall, she was one of my driving power in college, and I am very very grateful about having her in last three years as company and motivation. Now I am doing Japanese course again, there was a guy whose Japanese is really good, I first thought I could set him as my "Nancy", sad part is he is a bit too extreme, and dislikable... doesn't really fit "Nancy" 's figures. Hopefully I can get some one soon.

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Expanding stomach

PeoplePosted by DJ Fri, January 30, 2009 14:31:48

The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is to examine my stomach. It is slightly bigger than last month, but still hard to tell that there is actually a baby netting there. Well, I am a first-time mom, doctor said people like us don't get big tummies.

Sometimes when I take a few seconds to let my mind wander around a bit, I often felt unreal how things turned out in my life. I have never thought about getting married, not mention to have kid. Both Tuotuo and I behave like monkeys at home, and we definitely are lack of discinpline technics, how are we gonna train the kid? There are far more things that need to be taken under consideration.

I guess we will just figure things out as doing it. Junior, don't worry too much about it.

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I missed the reunion again...

PeoplePosted by DJ Thu, January 29, 2009 18:06:17

Just got a message from Nina that she is at some sort of friends' reunion, and most of the people were from my high school class. And while sending me the message she was actually sitting right next to one of my best friends: Zhang Di. I used to call him DiDi, it's different character from his name, and means lilla brother. Well, he is one or two years older than me of course, but I liked to announce myself as an elder.

Anyway, DiDi was my deskmate during last semester of my senior year, he wasn't so good at studies, and I remember he had some stomach problems, therefore he had to take some strong medicine before the last morning class ends. I always bring hot water to class since he forgets all the time. But the bad part is, sometimes he had to run to toilet for emergency calls if you know what I mean, and then he would bring back a horrible horrible stink that any person can faint from. It is not his smell, but from the public toilet. Well, that toilet is probably the worst I've ever seen in my whole life. It's the typical squatty style, while you squate it's better to not look down because it's about 2 to 3 metres down and sometimes you might even see a person down there collecting human waste for the farms. Yeah, I know! DiDi and I are very different persons, he is more a city boy, hang out with rich kids, bad at classes, I, to the other hand, am a small town person, study extremely hard due to parents' pressures. I don't know what happened, we turned out to be great friends and had a lot of fun in senior year.

I know he is back in the home city now after all these years of floating around, and is probably planning to start a small local business there. We have gone to totally different pathes, still, I hope that won't stop us from being true friends.

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