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DJ's scratching page :)

Niu Niu Journal-12

Niu Niu JournalPosted by DJ Thu, January 07, 2010 23:04:25
Oh man, it has been long since I wrote for Niu Niu last time. She has been growing so much that every day she looks more and more like a "human". This is a freaky comment I know. What I really meant is that for the first few months, she barely reacted to anything we do or say, but now she will seek for things that might interest her, she loves playing hide and seek, she laughs loudly when you are playing some simple games with her, she bounces when she is happy, of course also scream for attention.... I would say it is more and more fun to be with her now than before.

I remembered how much I have complained to Tuotuo the first few months when I had to spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the baby. It drove me totally nuts. For many times I thought it will be better if I kill myself, or, live in a mental hospital. Maybe you think I am a bit exaggerating. Maybe so maybe so, when you have your own baby and live under similar circumstances as I do, then you will know what I am talking about.

Speaking of which, I wasn't particularly happy living in Sweden during these past 2 years. I think most foreigners find it difficult when they just come here. It is a very isolating, cold culture, way too different from where I was born. Well, of course every coin has the other side, and I am starting to look more and more to it these days. That is also why I have made up my mind to alter my plan of returning to China asap, instead, I want to settle down for a few more years here now, so that Niu Niu could enjoy more nature, nice pre-education, and free medical cares. I know in the bottom of my heart, I belongs to China, but, I need to be less selfish here, gotta consider about what is the best for my baby girl's growth and future.

Well well, more to be continued in Journal 13.

P.S. A little bit update of Niu Niu, she already got 4 teeth when she turned 6 months old, a lot faster than other kids. Annnnd, she was making crawling attempts when we were on the trip. That was also around 6 months old. I am really really proud of her!

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TravelPosted by DJ Sun, December 20, 2009 08:08:08
I often see newspaper and magazines referring Yangshuo as the heaven for white collar office workers. So I always thought about going there. To be honest, it was quite a disappointment.

In 2008 Tuotuo and I went to Lijiang, thinking about seeing the old town with stone-paved roads, and the snow-capped mountains in visible distance. All we experienced was tons of thousands shops selling junk souvenirs and bar girls with heavy makeups screaming at our faces, battling with each other to get us in their bars. Oh, another remarkable memory was some sort of local dish we ordered, some yuk dish, it was soooo hard that I almost chewed my teeth off.

Ok, let's face it, both Lijiang and Yangshuo marketed themselves in a similar way, as a place to slow down your pace, a place where you are able to sit in a bar or by the river, doing nothing, meeting interesting people, etc. This is a typical backpacker's place, not really for white collar office workers. The locals really admire the western travelers, for their attitude of life, you know, no need to work, hide in a strange country, drink cheap beer, enjoy life. I, however, don't really appreciate this types of people. So you can say that it was a big mistake to go there for family vacation.

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Niu Niu journal-11

Niu Niu JournalPosted by DJ Tue, December 01, 2009 19:02:34
Oh man, what a day! I am completely worn out after a few crazy runs. Well, good part is Tuotuo made Niu Niu sleep, so I could finally have a few minutes to myself and keep up with Niu Niu Journal. It's been a long while since I wrote here last time.

Niu Niu is soon half year old, and in 2 days I am going to bring her back to meet my parents for the first time. How exciting is that?! I could hardly believe that I am going! Oh....all I could think now is all that yummy yummy food and giant shopping malls! And that just cured away all my physical pain.

During these last few months, Niu Niu has grown a lot. Yesterday when I measured her, she was already 8.26 kilos, still riding on the curves. She can already turn to all directions, back and forth. She likes to grasp things and throw them to see how they fall. 2 teeth at the bottom gum already broke through, probably very itchy for her, because shes use her fingers to play with the new teeth all the time. What else? Hmm... she eats a lot of solid, best record was 3 times a day. But I am resting her belly these couple of days since she had poo poo issues. She is a very vocal girl, shouts, talks, complains, or just making random noises. I have compared her with other babies at similar age, she is much more active and talkative in certain ways. And this of course made mommy extremely proud.

That is what's going on with the little princess. On my part, I am doing alright, had a vacation to Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, it was fun. And last weekend we had a baptism ceremony for Niu Niu, it was a nice experience for me overall. I am also executing my business ideas. Well, it was a nice attempt. Some of my items already received bids. Next year I will try another idea, is beads craft. Let's see where does this lead me to.

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Niu Niu JournalPosted by DJ Thu, October 08, 2009 21:02:06



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When the tea pot is full

PeoplePosted by DJ Thu, October 08, 2009 20:45:00
When the teapot is full, it can only pour out, can't work the other way around. I know this is a stupid comment. But I just had this picture when I thought about these few days.

I am extremely exhausted, mentally. Somebody, let's call him "S", S had a lot of things going on in his life, a lot of constant changes, so I was being a good listener to him so he could let out all the stress. But you know, if you have a close friend and one is talking all the time, the other never get the chance to talk, or, even he talks, he never get any positive feedbacks, then this friendship is not healthy at all.

I hope now you start getting a hint about where I am going. S is the teapot, he is too full and he has to pour out the old moldy tea that he has inside. And S negleted the fact that you can't pour the moldy water into your companion's tummy because he or she might has something too.

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Easy Chinese home cooking 6-Bing Pi Yue Bing

FoodPosted by DJ Fri, October 02, 2009 13:25:55
In another 3 days, it will be Mid Autumn Day! Oh yah!

I know there are other countries who celebrate Mid Autumn Day as well. But I don't think it is as serious as in China. Many of my friends misunderstood that this festival is for eating mooncakes, actually this is not the key part. The mooncake is just an resemblance of family members gathering around, as well as the moon on this day. Why? For that they share the same characteristics: being round. In Chinese, the word "round" means not only the shape of roundness, but also family members getting together. And in Chinese culture, family coherency is very important to everyone. Therefore, this Mid Autumn Festival is pretty important day.

So here is a recipe to share. It's not the traditional mooncake since it doesn't take days to make, and it has gained a lot of popularity these days for its fresh tastes and easy way of making.

Bing Pi Yue Bin: direct translation is "Ice-skin mooncake"

Prepare these powder bags: sticky rice powder, white rice powder, and wheat starch

Step 1: Mix 185 g of milk, 50 g sugar, 20 ml cooking oil

Step 2: Add 45 g sticky rice powder, 35 white rice powder and 20 g wheat starch, stir it well and set it aside for 30 minutes

Step 3: Put it in a steamer for 15 to 20 minutes

Step 4: Use chopsticks to stir it until smooth after it is cooled down.

Step 5: In a dry pan, heat up some sticky rice powder, because the dough is very sticky, you need this on your hand and the cutting board to make it easier to shape up the cake

Step 6: roll the dough up and divide it into 2 cm thick pieces

Step 7: Place the red bean paste in the middle.

I made my own red bean paste, basically you soak the red beans for overnight, and boil them on medium high for 1 hour and add in sugar or syrup, done!

Step 8: Pay attention, when wrap up, you don't need to cover all, but to press up the edge together to seal the hole.

Step 9: wrap it up! And press it into a mold, I used some round stuff bought from IKEA

Step 10: Put in the plate in the refridge for overnight.

Step 11: Serve!

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High way to hell~!

Odds and endsPosted by DJ Wed, September 30, 2009 22:48:42
Today is a bit like the stock market curves, ups and downs, where to begin? Oh well, I don't remember the causes of the downs any more. There is no specific reason why I was upset, but too many small matters that brought my mood down.

How to say, I was surpressing my feelings too much these days and it finally run to the limit. For the first time I felt so alone and so left out from everything I used to have. I don't think you would ever understand how it feels unless you are put in my shoes.

For being in such a cold, isolated Scandinavian country, having no friend, no family, for almost 2 years. Everyday, my basic activities are marching from bedroom to living room, from living room to kitchen. I was joking with Tuotuo today that even the prisoners have better treatment than I do, because they get meals delivered to their door, they have a steady schedule about when to go out for fresh air. They can meet up with other criminals and socialize in their own ways. For me, no, nothing. When tuotuo is gone to work during the day time, I basically don't speak, or speak to myself. If anyone sees me without letting me know, I am pretty sure they would assume I am insane.

Good thing is that I have a little toddler to play with now. But to the other hand, stucking with a baby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non stop, is more demanding than you could imagine. Not mention that I am doing a full time study at the same time. Sometimes I had to hold the little girly in my arms while taking an online course. The worst is when she is SO fussy, shouting like crazy, and refuses to sit on her own. Even under this kind of circumstances, I have to listen to the lectures and answer questions when I am asked to.

I am not saying how great I am. Today I told Tuotuo that I wasn't as active as before in Kanji class. Tuotuo said the teacher should understand that I have a special reason. And I wasn't so pleased to hear that. Because I don't think the teacher should give me an easy way out just because I have a baby to nurse, and I never ever told the teacher so, for the same reason, I DON'T want to be treated differently.

Maybe I am weird. But this is how I reason.

But my studies have nothing to do with my bad mood though. I have been having bad mood ever since I gave birth to the baby. My bad mood obviously affected Tuotuo tremendously since he is getting back to me with things I say and do. I know it's not healthy to keep things inside too much. But at the same time, I can't really talk to anybody for my problems. Most of my close friends are not married, not mention about having kids, all they wanna talk to me is about having affection to some boys, and about their dramatic Korean soup opera type of love. And my parent, oh hell, I don't even wanna begin with them. After I was pregnant, my dad didn't say a single word about the pregnancy for 10 months. And during these 10 months, he said so many mean things to me that broke my heart. I probably cried at least 1 kilo of water because of him. Not only that, he talked to me the first time about the baby 2 months after I gave birth. The first comment he made was: "It was not the right time to have a baby...." I remember there was such a long pause after he said this. Because I basically didn't know how to respond. I mean, come on, man! I was holding a lovely girly on my lap, and he said this to me and the innoncent girly's face?! I just couldn't understand it.

The most depression I have is from lack of interraction with people and lack of activities that I could get away sometimes. There were two times we planned to go somewhere, and Tuotuo blew both because of his work issues. BUT, I have to say, I don't blame him at all whatsoever. Because that hell job and those irritating workmates of his just can't stop buzzing his ass. You won't believe this, but the guy who shares the same responsibility with him just took 3 weeks off, and Tuotuo, when I gave birth, only took 2 weeks off. He is also the one to blame when Tuotuo had to cancel my birthday plans. Because just the night before my birthday that guy called in and said he was not going to work and he sent some other guy in to do stuff so Tuotuo HAD TO drop in to explain things. That was PURE evil.

Life is hard, by all means. But I am working hard on it, and I KNOW that I WILL survive this. I will keep telling myself to remain strong and carry on, longer and longer. Now that I have a baby, so I have to fight harder. There is no such thing as sweet-bread-rain, you gotta fight for it!

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Complaining department

Odds and endsPosted by DJ Tue, September 22, 2009 13:35:30
There is a growing pain in my body, especially in my back and arm. Had I known it is so demanding physically to nurse a baby, I would have trained myself in a gym before I got pregnant. Today for example, I carried the 7-kilo girly in my arm while I was having an online class for more than 1 hour, without changing position. When the class was finally over, my arm was literally broken. This is tough work. No joking.

Well, the physical pain is still tolerable, the mental disturbance, however, can not be tolerated. I seems to have bad luck with acquaintances, always got hooked up with “负气场”
people. This is a Japanese phrase I learned from another blogger, quite similar to the meaning of "energy vampires". Well, I don't want to write too much on this matter since I don't want to offend nobody. Glad thing is, I get this blog to go to when I feel the need to nag about my own problems.

Haahaa. My sincere apologies, readers!

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Niu Niu JournalPosted by DJ Thu, September 17, 2009 07:45:56


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Niu Niu JournalPosted by DJ Mon, September 07, 2009 10:06:10





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