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DJ's scratching page :)

Easy Chinese home cooking NO.2--La Chang Fan

FoodPosted by DJ Tue, February 17, 2009 17:14:54
I chose to not use English names for the dishes I make, because most time those translated names sound so boring and direct. In fact, most famouse Chinese dishes have really artistic names that might connect to some ancient poems or historical stories, some even tell you a vivid story. For example, there is a dish that simply contains fried minced meat and glass noodles, but has a really cute name "ma yi shang shu"--ants climbing trees. Yeah, when you look from a distance, the minced meat does look like little ants climbing on some branches.

Ok, this second dish I would like to introduce is very easy to make. And it's one of my favorite rice dishes.

Prepare: Wash the rice carefully, then put it aside for about half an hour. If you like your rice has more liquid, then put in water and rest.

Prepare: Chop the sausage into small pieces. This one is imported from Spain, really spicy and yummy, just as what I like.

Step 1: Put rice and sausage into rice cooker, add water until it's just 0.5 cm above covering the surface.

Step 2: A couple of minutes before the rice is done, crash one egg in there and add one tbs of chili paste. Then stir carefully. I used this Korean chili paste.

Step 3: Serve :)

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