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DJ's scratching page :)

Little by little

Odds and endsPosted by DJ Thu, February 19, 2009 11:01:52

The baby started kicking. Finally. For a long time I didn't know what that was, and assumed it was my gas. I eat a lot of spicy food, so it's not abnormal if I might have stomach disfunction now and then. Well, the other night I huged Tuotuo from behind to seek some comfort that calm me and make me sleep. The next morning he told me that he felt baby kicking, two strong kicks in a row.

Both of us were very excited to discover and confirm this. In the following days I paid special attention whenever the little thing in my tummy moves. It seems a very active baby, sometimes when I wake up in the morning and Tuotuo kisses me goodbye before goes to work, s/he will kick non-stop. I have a feeling that s/he knows what is going on. A smart kid!

To be honest, I haven't dedicated myself in getting ready to be a mom all this time. Everything seems so unreal and also out of my lead. The prior reason why I came to Sweden at the first place was to get some education, then we will move back to China and start a new life again. That means the baby will kind of change our plan, I might have to stay here a bit longer since the early childhood education is better than in China, also the environment is much more healthier. At this point, I understand all those phrases praising motherly love. Yah, to be a parent, a responsible one, you have to learn to make sacrifices.

My tummy is getting a little bit bigger, I just hope the baby is doing well in there. And I will do my part, to continue study and at the same time prepare myself for the upcoming little being. :)

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