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MoviesPosted by DJ Mon, March 09, 2009 12:43:18

This last weekend was loaded with a couple of heavy movies, mostly made during or before the 70s. Though I was born in the 80s, yet I have started to appreciate these "arts" before my time. Sad part is, once you got into these artistic movies, or controversial movies, then you will start rejecting the Hollymood movies subconciously.

This is at least how I feel. I really don't think I could go back and watch those "moded" movies that you could guess the ending from the beginning, or once the music starts, you would know exactly what is going on.

In between of these master movie pieces, I also watched the one with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman right before their divorce. Unbearable is the word. I seriously couldn't stop thinking "Oh, that is really terrible acting" during the whole movie, though the director is pretty famous and it's an Oscar winning piece. The thing is, with the real good movies, you won't even bother to think that the actors are actually acting, they just drag you into the roles and it's like you are living through the whole story.

Anyway, Dodeskaden is the one that I am most fond of among the ones I've watched this week. I've known Akira Kurosawa from some Chinese documentaries, but I'd never seen any of his works, thought that it's not something people at my age could understand. However, Dodeskaden changed my mind about all that speculation.

Everything starts with a boy driving his imaginary train into the "city" which is set in the mid of dump. We are like passengers on the boy's imaginary train going into these people's life. There are two druker husbands and their wives, an old respectable man, disgusting uncle and hardworking niece, begger dad who is a dreamer and sweet begger son, an honest man and the wife who cheat on him....all these ordinary people that we might see in our own life. Through these people's stories, we see the reflection of humanity and similarities in our own stories. I would like to watch this movie again 10 years from now, and I am sure I'll understand the movie totally different from what I comprehended today.

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