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Easy Chinese home cooking NO 5.--Fen Zheng Rou

FoodPosted by DJ Mon, March 09, 2009 13:53:32

This is one of my favorite home dishes! When I was younger, my family was very poor and we didn't get to eat meat that often. But by the end of the year, normally my farmer relatives would kill pig for the Spring Festival celebration, and they would invite tons of people to their hourse for a huge feast. It's kind of tradition, and always my favorite time of year! Because we can eat all kinds of meat!

Among all the feast dishes, my favorite is Fen Zheng Rou, it means "steam the meat with rice powder". To be noticed here, the rice powder isn't normal grinded rice, but a special powder for making this type of dish. You could find them in Chinese shop, or make your own. The method is easy, you fry dry rice in a clean pan with low heat until the rice is cooked, add some sichuan chilli powder and five spice powder, then use mixer to make into sand-like powder. Not too smooth though, it is the best when it's 1/5 of the rice's original size.

Now we make it!

Step 1: Chop the "layered pork" (which has skin, fat and muscle parts together) into small pieces(1 cm wide), in a bowl, mix pork with some chopped spring onions, black pepper, half tea spoon dark soy sauce, ginger, five spice powder, sichuan chilli pepper powder, starch, mix well.

Step 2: In a clean pan, fry rice powder and sichuan chilly pepper.

Step 3: Add the pork, fry it until half cookied, then add sweet potato, stir until it gets powder attached. 2,3 minutes is enough.

Step 4: In a steaming pan, layer the potato as the buttom.

Step 5: Then add the pork to the top, steam them together for around one hour and a half, the longer the better though. Then you're done!

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