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DJ's scratching page :)

It's not the same anymore.

Odds and endsPosted by DJ Thu, April 16, 2009 11:16:22

During the past few months, I often thought about a friend, whom I have long lost contact with. He was in my QQ list before, somehow for some reasons he blocked me and deleted me. Because I don't remember doing this, and he just disappeared from my list. I tried to add him again, many times, and the application was never proven. Well well, I thought it must be that his account was stolen. So I let it go.

Recently a girlfriend of mine gave me his MSN. The weird thing is, the three of us have very dramatic relationship you may say. When we were still in high school, he was my deskmate, and we shared a lot of interests, even wrote a mini novel together, but he sincerely admired my girlfriend. Unfortunately, my girlfriend was way too wild for him, her dating around deeply hurt him. From that point, he decided to block her from his own world. After we went to college, we continued writting to each other, as we used to do in high school, and he found that I am the one who can actually talk to him and understand him. Therefore we decided to be together, despite the fact that we were thousands of kilo meters apart.

That Spring Festival, we both traveled back to our home town, meeting each other the first time after we set off for college. It was such an awkard meeting, and nothing felt as we pictured in mind. We left each other in an embarrassing hurry and never met again.

Even until today, I couldn't explain what exactly went wrong. But I am glad it didn't work out, otherwise I won't end up with Tuotuo today. However, I still wish I could stay as his friend, no matter what, we have known each other for so many years.

So, I took the MSN my girlfriend gave me and added him. I even sent him a message when I saw him online. Yeah, he IS online, but there is no reply. He has his reasons, I guess. I remember he was never an easygoing person, very sensitive, have to be dealt with extreme care, if anything goes wrong, then he will go like a irritated baby... My girlfriend told me that he is soon getting married, I really feel happy for him, finally found someone who can share life with, and maybe she could help him to open up a bit too. And, I also hope he could let the past go somehow. Nevertheless, we were too young back then.

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