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Mind your own business.

PeoplePosted by DJ Wed, August 19, 2009 18:54:28

Have you ever wondered why Facebook and Fliter(whatever the name it is) became so sucessful? It is like a disease spreading all over the world, like Black Death. I remember the other day hearing a loud American (they are all loud actually) cheerfuly talking to his company, "Probably I will go home and facebook it". People check facebook at home, at work, on the phone, the first thing to do in the morning and last thing to do before go to bed. Why? Because we are so damn interested in other people's business.

This is the nature of human being and the founder of these websites soundly captured it. I, too, is a user of Facebook, but I tried hard to keep my things to myself. Tuotuo, is even better. He never publish any exact information of himself, or upload any image information for public view at all. I only use facebook to express my personalities and preferences, as well as the culture where I came from. In real life, I just hate those people who pose their noses into other people's business.

Today, there is this great example of Tuotuo's workmates, suggesting to Tuotuo that I should learn Swedish. Well, of course when they geniously gave their advice, they are looking at their own interest. From this point, I think I should tell them to shut the f%&# up. I was actually studying even one week before I gave birth, just that I am studying something that is to my own interest and use, not to theirs. Maybe you will say that I am over-reacting, these people are talking out of good intentions. Trust me, they are not. Let me explain. Tuotuo is obliged to a business trip for 4 days. And he felt worried about leaving me and a 2-month old baby behind since the baby is very demanding these days, and I don't speak any Swedish, or have any friends who could offer help. It is quite natural that he wants to bring me with him just in case someting happen to me or the baby he could be arround. Well, these souless people just couldn't understand the basic love between family members and had to f%¤# with us by saying that I will affect Tuotuo's work.

First of all, I indeed affect Tuotuo's work, I took great care of him so he could work his ass off for that company. He answer phone calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the other one who is paid more money to do his job parting all the time and never fill up his responsibilities. The question is: Are these people blind? Or merely STUPID?

Not the best day.

Well, as I always tell myself: Don't use other people's faults to pulish yourself! .... But I really wish I had a chance to go to these people and confront them, let's see what could these cowards have to say straight to my face.

Yes, B%t#&, Tuotuo works for you, not me! So I will tell whatever I think.

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