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What happens when you got an irritating neighbour?

PeoplePosted by DJ Thu, August 27, 2009 15:05:38

"Shut up!" Yes, no joking, I did that, yelled at those drunk Swedish youngsters who were playing loud rap music under my window in the mid of night. This is not the only time I found myself overwhelmed with anger because of my neighbour's party. It is pretty amazing how often that guy holds parties, or rather, plays loud rap music at illegal hours. Not only that, many times I was woken up by him shouting with some drunk girls at around 2 or 3 in the morning. I mean, for fuck sake, don't you know that people are sleeping at such hours?

Last time when I was mad at some young Swedish girls shouting in the lobby I slamed my door at them, in reaction, they threw snowballs at my window two times, which really scared the shit out of Thomas. I know that he is concerned of my safty. But I am the kind of person who cannot hold angers, therefore I often forget overseeing the outcome of such incidents.

So last night I yelled. When I looked out of the window, there was a guy acrossed the street to go to the other side to get a better view of whom did the yelling. When he walked back towards our building again I gave him a middle finger while standing by the window. I hope he saw me.

What I am saying is, it is frustrating to see how irresponsibly the Swedish young people behave. Once when I travelled on subway, a 7-year old little girl who sat by me said that I looked like 200 years old. I can tell you, right now I am really freaked out that my little girl someday will behave like that too. Then my heart will really be a sinking ship. I guess the only way to save the disaster is to go back to China as soon as possible and train her with real disciplines.

But for now, I will just work on getting rid of the rage. Ganbatte!

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