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DJ's scratching page :)

When the tea pot is full

PeoplePosted by DJ Thu, October 08, 2009 20:45:00
When the teapot is full, it can only pour out, can't work the other way around. I know this is a stupid comment. But I just had this picture when I thought about these few days.

I am extremely exhausted, mentally. Somebody, let's call him "S", S had a lot of things going on in his life, a lot of constant changes, so I was being a good listener to him so he could let out all the stress. But you know, if you have a close friend and one is talking all the time, the other never get the chance to talk, or, even he talks, he never get any positive feedbacks, then this friendship is not healthy at all.

I hope now you start getting a hint about where I am going. S is the teapot, he is too full and he has to pour out the old moldy tea that he has inside. And S negleted the fact that you can't pour the moldy water into your companion's tummy because he or she might has something too.

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