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DJ's scratching page :)


TravelPosted by DJ Sun, December 20, 2009 08:08:08
I often see newspaper and magazines referring Yangshuo as the heaven for white collar office workers. So I always thought about going there. To be honest, it was quite a disappointment.

In 2008 Tuotuo and I went to Lijiang, thinking about seeing the old town with stone-paved roads, and the snow-capped mountains in visible distance. All we experienced was tons of thousands shops selling junk souvenirs and bar girls with heavy makeups screaming at our faces, battling with each other to get us in their bars. Oh, another remarkable memory was some sort of local dish we ordered, some yuk dish, it was soooo hard that I almost chewed my teeth off.

Ok, let's face it, both Lijiang and Yangshuo marketed themselves in a similar way, as a place to slow down your pace, a place where you are able to sit in a bar or by the river, doing nothing, meeting interesting people, etc. This is a typical backpacker's place, not really for white collar office workers. The locals really admire the western travelers, for their attitude of life, you know, no need to work, hide in a strange country, drink cheap beer, enjoy life. I, however, don't really appreciate this types of people. So you can say that it was a big mistake to go there for family vacation.

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