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Do you have a "Nancy"?

PeoplePosted by DJ Mon, February 02, 2009 20:57:40

Nancy is the name of my best friend, she was actually more than just best friend. But we were definitely not friendly to each other the first time we met.

It all tracks back to the winter in 2002. I was a freshman in college, and had a special place in the Foreign Language Department: being the only person from the province Hubei. Don't laugh, I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but all my life I always like to feel unique and special, no matter under what sort of conditions. It only lasted for about one month though. One night I got a visitor, my bed and table were right next to the door, so when she knocked and peeked into the room I was the first one there to address her. Well, you can say that I was pretty messed up at that moment, I think I was playing with my feet, and both of my soldier crews were on the table. So there she went, in a terrible Madarine mixed with heavy Hubei accent, asking, "Is Li Rui here?" I coldly nodded. And she told that she has switched department to mine and she was also from Hubei. It was like a moment for a 3-year-old boy witnessing the candy going away right from his mouth. I was sad, beaten, and I treated her badly that night. The year after that, I tried my best to avoid going out with her or meeting her. You know, most of the times people from similar areas who go to the same university will hang out together and they even have their own organizations sometimes. But I don't.

Thank goodness she was just in the same department, we didn't take same classes. Otherwise I wouldn't know what to do. The dramatic change came during our sophomore year. Nancy moved into my dorm and we became roomies. And I seriously don't know how or when did we start to become very close to each other. It is probably because that we have very similar tastes in books and movies or so, and we always got excited in same topics too. Well, one different thing is, Nancy is such a deligent and restless hardworker. She got up before 5 am no matter what kind of crappy weather. I remember the winter mornings in Xining are almost minus 20, even that she will still get up early and carry her backpack filled with books and go out somewhere to read. I was always among the top 3 or 5 at that time, but Nancy, gosh, she was always number one in her class. Therefore, living under the same roof with her gave me tremendous amount of pressure. I told myself I need to get up early too if I want to keep the same pace. Usually I am a very deep sleeper and lazy too, I often got up right before the morning classes start, that was around 8. So you see, I miss out 3 hours working time just in the morning. Then I made a deal with Nancy, she promised to wake me up every morning by the time she got ready. And she kept her promises. Every morning she will come and drag me out. First few times were easy, I was still very clear that I wanted it. But after a while, the cold and greed of more sleep kept me longer and longer in bed. Nancy then came up with all sorts of technics that help me awake, such as spraying ice cold water on my face, or shout at my ears, etc. Gosh, she was amazing! I always adored her full of energy.

Overall, she was one of my driving power in college, and I am very very grateful about having her in last three years as company and motivation. Now I am doing Japanese course again, there was a guy whose Japanese is really good, I first thought I could set him as my "Nancy", sad part is he is a bit too extreme, and dislikable... doesn't really fit "Nancy" 's figures. Hopefully I can get some one soon.

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