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To lose someone.

PeoplePosted by DJ Tue, February 10, 2009 22:17:26

I recently lost some one I know. It's very hard to explain to western friends who that person is. Because if I simply say it's sombody lives in my building, they won't understand why should I get upset about it.

There is a huge difference between neigbours in the west and in Asia. Let's see, I have been in Sweden for almost a year now, I don't know anybody in my building, I haven't even seen anybody moving around, except knowing that I might have a girl living upstairs or next door since I occasionaly hear her love making voice I don't really know anything else. But in China, neighbours are very close to each other.

I lived in a small town, so your neighbours are not only somebody who live next door, but also might be your friends, relatives, or co-workers.

This guy who past away was a co-worker of my dad, his wife is sort of related to my mom, and I had been to school with his son before. We lived in the same building for almost 15 years. I always had high opinions in him. I remember when I was younger, whenever he ran into me he would always joke with me. He had a loud and happy laughter that cheers everbody up, but I was always scared when he was about to pat my head. Because he had very heavy thick hands, so it might look like he is gently patting my head, but actually it hurts like hell.

Anyhow, this shushu(uncle) is about my dad's age, but he got three different kinds of diseases, therefore after half a year's nursing, the hospital finally gave up trying. The night before Lantern's Festival, the doctor asked my dad's other co-workers to transport him home.

When I heard about the doctor's decision I was outraged. Tuotuo said that in Sweden if you do that you will be put in jail. I agree with him heartily. Come on, how could you let a dying person suffer more travels?! And as long as he is still alive, then should never give up trying!

In my dad's town, when some one is suffering from serious diseases, then it's not only his own family's business, but the whole company or organization will get involved. Both this shushu and my dad work at a public school, so normally the school will organize people help you out while you are sick. In this sense, I would say it's nicer than Sweden. It's probably too early and harsh for me to drop an opinion, but people here are quite cold to each other, this is something I will never adjust to. In a way I might have already slightly changed into a more ignorant person, well, being casted out from work and socialization is not as easy as you think, I was no longer as naive as before. And some failed trusting experiences have taught me a lesson not getting close to people too easily. Sounds horrible, isn't it? It's sad to lose some nice qualities of being naive and young. But everybody gotta grow up someday.

I just hope that this shushu's family won't suffer too much from this loss and will eventually recover from it. Also I would like to wish a healthy and happy year for both of my parents.

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