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DJ's scratching page :)

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Odds and endsPosted by DJ Tue, September 22, 2009 13:35:30
There is a growing pain in my body, especially in my back and arm. Had I known it is so demanding physically to nurse a baby, I would have trained myself in a gym before I got pregnant. Today for example, I carried the 7-kilo girly in my arm while I was having an online class for more than 1 hour, without changing position. When the class was finally over, my arm was literally broken. This is tough work. No joking.

Well, the physical pain is still tolerable, the mental disturbance, however, can not be tolerated. I seems to have bad luck with acquaintances, always got hooked up with “负气场”
people. This is a Japanese phrase I learned from another blogger, quite similar to the meaning of "energy vampires". Well, I don't want to write too much on this matter since I don't want to offend nobody. Glad thing is, I get this blog to go to when I feel the need to nag about my own problems.

Haahaa. My sincere apologies, readers!

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