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Niu Niu journal-11

Niu Niu JournalPosted by DJ Tue, December 01, 2009 19:02:34
Oh man, what a day! I am completely worn out after a few crazy runs. Well, good part is Tuotuo made Niu Niu sleep, so I could finally have a few minutes to myself and keep up with Niu Niu Journal. It's been a long while since I wrote here last time.

Niu Niu is soon half year old, and in 2 days I am going to bring her back to meet my parents for the first time. How exciting is that?! I could hardly believe that I am going! Oh....all I could think now is all that yummy yummy food and giant shopping malls! And that just cured away all my physical pain.

During these last few months, Niu Niu has grown a lot. Yesterday when I measured her, she was already 8.26 kilos, still riding on the curves. She can already turn to all directions, back and forth. She likes to grasp things and throw them to see how they fall. 2 teeth at the bottom gum already broke through, probably very itchy for her, because shes use her fingers to play with the new teeth all the time. What else? Hmm... she eats a lot of solid, best record was 3 times a day. But I am resting her belly these couple of days since she had poo poo issues. She is a very vocal girl, shouts, talks, complains, or just making random noises. I have compared her with other babies at similar age, she is much more active and talkative in certain ways. And this of course made mommy extremely proud.

That is what's going on with the little princess. On my part, I am doing alright, had a vacation to Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, it was fun. And last weekend we had a baptism ceremony for Niu Niu, it was a nice experience for me overall. I am also executing my business ideas. Well, it was a nice attempt. Some of my items already received bids. Next year I will try another idea, is beads craft. Let's see where does this lead me to.

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