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Niu Niu Journal-12

Niu Niu JournalPosted by DJ Thu, January 07, 2010 23:04:25
Oh man, it has been long since I wrote for Niu Niu last time. She has been growing so much that every day she looks more and more like a "human". This is a freaky comment I know. What I really meant is that for the first few months, she barely reacted to anything we do or say, but now she will seek for things that might interest her, she loves playing hide and seek, she laughs loudly when you are playing some simple games with her, she bounces when she is happy, of course also scream for attention.... I would say it is more and more fun to be with her now than before.

I remembered how much I have complained to Tuotuo the first few months when I had to spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week with the baby. It drove me totally nuts. For many times I thought it will be better if I kill myself, or, live in a mental hospital. Maybe you think I am a bit exaggerating. Maybe so maybe so, when you have your own baby and live under similar circumstances as I do, then you will know what I am talking about.

Speaking of which, I wasn't particularly happy living in Sweden during these past 2 years. I think most foreigners find it difficult when they just come here. It is a very isolating, cold culture, way too different from where I was born. Well, of course every coin has the other side, and I am starting to look more and more to it these days. That is also why I have made up my mind to alter my plan of returning to China asap, instead, I want to settle down for a few more years here now, so that Niu Niu could enjoy more nature, nice pre-education, and free medical cares. I know in the bottom of my heart, I belongs to China, but, I need to be less selfish here, gotta consider about what is the best for my baby girl's growth and future.

Well well, more to be continued in Journal 13.

P.S. A little bit update of Niu Niu, she already got 4 teeth when she turned 6 months old, a lot faster than other kids. Annnnd, she was making crawling attempts when we were on the trip. That was also around 6 months old. I am really really proud of her!

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