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DJ's scratching page :)


Odds and endsPosted by DJ Sun, January 10, 2010 09:07:09
I am applying again, for a master from Stockholm University. It is shameful to say, but I have been trying for 2 years, and I failed heavily. The first time it was because of my lack of experience that I didn't rank the selected majors carefully, so I missed the one I wanted to study. That was pure stupidity. The second time, hmmm, I don't remember what happened exactly. I was pregnant, and didn't cared. So there you go again, rejection, don't meet entry requirements, bla bla.

The thing is, I KNOW I meet the entry requirements, and I have sent the complete set of documents 2 years ago, don't know why I was never registered in the about my previous studies. I tried to contact them ten thousand times and these paid workers never gave me any helpful answers. Some say I am sorry you are not eligible to study, but come on! I have been studying for almost 120 points during these past 2 years, even while being pregnant and being a mother of a newly born! Some others said that I don't see my qualification files because I am logged in to the English site, that is bullshit again, I have a Swedish ID number, and I WAS on the Swedish site. Oh, the Swedish style of ignorance.

Well, you know what, I am gonna send in my files in again, even though they said I shouldn't. Gotta try for what I want, otherwise I never get a chance. It is never wrong to give another shot. So, we shall see.

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